GSW gets Aramco nod for skids

Gulf Steel Works (GSW), a leading heavy steel fabricator and system integrator in Saudi Arabia, recently gained approval from Saudi Aramco for gas and oil modular skids, the company reported.

The fabricator, part of Pan Gulf Industrial Investments Company (PGII), announced it has added a division for weld overlay to cater to Aramco’s offshore projects.

“GSW provides superior weld overlay using advanced dual-torch hot-wire GTAW tri-pulse overlay system which is the next level in cladding technology compared to the traditional cable-based system to overlay all pipes, flanges and fittings of 2-inch and above,” said general manager Zafer Jeha.

The company, based in Jubail, also reported a substantial increase in the use of steel for fabricated structures, process equipment and tanks, the volume rising from 37,000 tonnes in 2013 to 48,500 tonnes in 2014, and says it will focus on power plants for greater business growth over the next three years.

Jeha said the company achieved 80 per cent booking for 2015-16.

About expansions, he said: “GSW is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and CNC machinery and we’re now expanding by adding pipe overlay CNC machines.”

GSW’s production facilities include one for structural steel with capacity of more than 4,500 tonnes per month. Products emerging from this plant are pipe racks, structures for equipment, buildings, boilers and stadiums; and miscellaneous steel.

Within the static equipment field, the company makes pressure vessels in CS, SS and Clade; heat exchangers, tanks in CS and SS; ducts and stacks. Piping products it fabricates include spools, scraper launchers and receivers.

GSW’s product range includes skids: dozing, liquid and gas custody metering with prover, surge relief, truck loading and gas and oil modular. The company provides weld overlay and various cladding combinations entailing various kinds of steel and alloys as well as having capabilities for shutdowns and maintenance. It undertakes repairs and maintenance of heat exchangers and air fin coolers, repairs of vessels with the ASME R stamp, repairs of tanks and tank modifications.


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