PGIF set to boost its standing

Pan Gulf Industrial Fabrication (PGIF), currently busy with several high-profile projects, has announced fresh initiatives to spur sales and boost its standing in Saudi Arabia within its areas of specialisation.

The Dammam-based company, a subsidiary of Pan Gulf Industrial Investments Company (PGIIC), is set to become Saudi Aramco’s approved vendor for miscellaneous structural steel and gratings. The company also recently opened two additional sales stations in Jeddah for coverage of the Western Region and in Riyadh for the Central Region.

PGIF has also expanded its workforce by mobilising additional welders and charge hands and has installed new equipment including welding machines and lifting devices.

Its production facilities cover a total area of 22,000 sq m with a main shed having three bays, the biggest allotted for grating and the other two for platforms and handrails.

“Our core business line is grating. In 2014 it constituted around 70 per cent of our revenue, the same figure as in the previous year, which means we’re confident now of having a decent market share in all grating business in Saudi Arabia,” said PGIF general manager Ahmad Douri.

“Checking out the last few years, 2014 was considered a good one in terms of capacity, which rose rapidly from 600 tonnes a month to 800 tonnes.

“Our product ranger has also widened, so we’re involved in all types of miscellaneous structural steel and steel grating for industrial projects under our scope of work.”

Next in sales was platforms with handrails ranked third as a revenue earner. Together they contributed around 30 per cent of total revenues in 2014 and 2013.

PGIF is undeterred by intense competition in the kingdom. Douri believes the company has a strategy and skills to get the better of it.

“We have to stay down to earth and keep our prices reasonable for winning new orders,” he says. It helps if overheads are kept to the minimum so the low rates offered can still achieve the targeted profitability.


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