Khaled Hamdan «Middle East»: three industrial projects at a cost of $ 264 million for the settlement of foreign industrial products
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Detection Khaled Hamdan, Executive General Manager of the group across the bay, that the company is working on the creation of three industrial projects in eastern Saudi Arabia, at a cost exceeding one billion riyals ($ 264 million), including a factory dedicated to the work of the gas and oil to the pipeline at a cost of 500 million riyals ($ 132 million), and another factory for the manufacture of steel products, with an annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons, with a total estimated cost of 300 million riyals (79.20 million dollars), in addition to a factory for the production of industrial gases at a cost of 200 million riyals (52.80 million dollars). Hamdan said in an interview with «Middle East», the group went across the Gulf is currently focused on the resettlement of part of the industrial products imported Saudi local industries in partnership with international companies. He ruled Hamdan company's initial public offering in the near time after its transformation into a holding company two months ago, and to increase the company's capital doubled. He also pointed to the possibility of the entry of new partners in the group. The following is the text of the interview:
> What are the new Gulf through which you work on projects currently implemented?
Our focus at the moment on industrial projects and are studying now three large-scale projects will see the light soon, in partnership with international companies. We also care about the settlement of part of the imported products of local industries.
> You mentioned that you are in the process of launching three industrial projects, can you mention and give more information about it?
The first project is a pipe factory specializes in oil and gas business, and cost about 500 million riyals. The second factory is to manufacture some iron products we market it, since we are dealing mainly with iron, where we will work on 200 thousand tons at a cost of 300 million riyals. For the third project it is to produce industrial gases and is supportive of our work in the welding department and cost of 200 million riyals.
> How do you get to skip the high prices of raw materials for the implementation of industrial and construction projects?
Our experience in the market over thirty years and our relations with the exporters and manufacturers of iron helps us to overcome the problem of high prices, where we can buy what we need at the right time, as we use some other methods, such as buying the precautionary and others to fix prices.
> Company imports iron from the outside, is the outer steel prices more competitive than iron factory in Saudi Arabia? How much price difference between the outer and inner?
I always give priority to the purchase of materials manufactured in Saudi Arabia, we are working as distributors of major manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Steel prices now become global, Differences between the outer and inner too close together, especially if we take into account the cost of transportation and shipping. The global market is a shortage of raw materials due to growing demand and a change in the structure of production resulting in a continuous rise in steel prices.
> Across the bay are a group of industrial and commercial activities, is there any new activity will be added to the company's business, and what is that activity?
Of new activities in across the bay is we create a company across the Gulf Communications, a private technical operations of the telecommunications company. This is the latest activity started working in it this year.
> When the company transformed into a holding company? And what the purpose of that? Is the company's capital increased?
Across the bay turned into a holding in the month of April last, which only two months ago, was the purpose of that is the organizational restructuring of the company because of its branches expanded and was in need of separate companies, independence and the separation of public administration reported. And increased the company's capital fifty million riyals. This represents almost double the capital the previous and future increases linked to the future Bnchatna, as the capital increase is usually through the capitalization of retained earnings and new investments.
> Is there a trend in the company through the Gulf to be converted into a joint stock company put them to the public? And when will you do it?
There is no trend at the moment to transform into a joint stock company put them to subscribe, but we switched to the new holding structure is the first step, followed by steps to expand the number of participants in the company and we will study the situation according to business requirements.
> Tertbton external partnerships with foreign companies, Will you buy foreign shares your partners and how much stock that Ststrunha size? We are keen on our relations with our partners and look for the continuation of the relationship with them for the service of the parties. There are no current idea of ​​our partners to buy stakes in overseas now.
> You make a new technique in «systems across the Gulf of fire fighters», it reduced the cost of halon gas transportation, and recycling, what are the technology, and how much cost achieved by the ratio?
- We have to provide assistance to local companies in collaboration with specialized foreign companies to get rid of halon gas, which, as you are aware of environmentally harmful gases. There was no specialized companies in Saudi Arabia to address the problem of getting rid of this gas, we decided that we purchased from local companies rather than that these companies pay huge amounts of money to get rid of it, then we export and recycling abroad, which will contribute to the preservation of the environment.
> You appreciate the size of the value of harmful gases treatment in Saudi Arabia?
We can not determine the value of treatment of harmful gases because the number is a specific and include many things even considered harmful gases cars.
> How much investment value in getting rid of halon gas in Saudi Arabia?
- For halon gas there are significant especially in the sectors of oil and gas, power generation amounts, and will be our role in helping companies to replace existing systems with other systems compatible with the new international standards we have set up for this purpose locally factories to help companies in the processing, installation and control of the new regulations, where we will buy gas halon and re-export to the outside, where it is processed.
> Do you signed any new employment agreement in the food sector across the Gulf, and how much value?
As already explained that we encourage the conversion of part of the imported materials from abroad to local production, we rely too much on domestic production to cover our needs in the food that we marketed, so we finally purchased a factory famous in the region for the manufacture of meat and poultry products to be supportive of the plant, which manufactures fish.
> To the inevitable quest for the resettlement of some imported products of local industries, what are these products?
We try as much as possible to be present with all of our products, but for food products, it is different for example, rice requires a certain environment and we are difficult to be resettled. We import rice and are working to secure the necessary quantities.
> What are the new investment activities across the Gulf in Saudi Arabia? How much worth?
As I told you earlier we have three projects for new plants cost more than a billion riyals, in addition to continuing our investment in our menu.
> What are the new Foreign your investments, how much worth?
Our country is a country of good and tender and a lot of opportunities and needs a lot of products, hear and be guided not only encourage foreign investment in relation to facilitating business and expand in Saudi Arabia, we do not have any major external investment.


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