Slaves in the best Gulf experience to cope with paralysis
Saudi won Cheb Khaled bin Ahmed Obaid first place as an entrepreneur best experience for young Gulf can change his life for the better due to a traffic accident completely incapacitated for a movement in the prime of his youth.
And honored Bahraini Minister of Social Development Dr Fatima Baloch, slaves in the exhibition organized by the Gulf Youth Forum Society in Manama entitled «turning point» in the presence of the US ambassador and representatives of the US embassy yesterday first.
The exhibition included the creative works of art produced by the talents of youth Gulf, and varied between photos and paintings draw a line and comics as well as a short film titled «crossing», all highlighting the turning point experienced by people who were exposed to incidents of emergency in their lives and caused them physical disability, and reflect the concerns and highlighted the problems and aspirations of this class, high capacity and challenges of ambition, strength and determination, where the choice fell on the Saudi young slaves as a model high for people with disabilities.
The narrative of slaves during the ceremony of his story with disabilities, saying: «I was the effect of a traffic accident and received treatment at Aramco hospital, and suffered a disability in the feet, and began the journey wheelchair with me, and after a year and a half have completed my studies and I'm on the job in a modest company so that I can provide my college fees and rely on myself without extend my hand to the help of one, and thanks to God I joined one of the universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was the launch of the truth, and then progressed in my work and in my studies have God as to be the cause of rehabilitation and help a lot of disabled and employment over the past years », pointing out that had honored by the then Governor of Eastern Province, Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Abdul Aziz, and received the support of Sheikh Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamdan executive director of the group across the Gulf Holding, brother and dear acceptable Khathaami and all my brothers loved ones.
And between it started its activities in support of people with special needs through the first menu design (Minou) for restaurants in the Middle East for the Blind major effort and the help of dawn Alhashl the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to its contribution to the organization of a lot of activities and forums pertaining to educate special needs and their families and the allocation of certain days in the year for the employment of the disabled through a variety of intensive programs of university degree holders in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
He said that he is currently on his way to complete his university studies for a master's degree in one of the prestigious universities (King Faisal University) and got a lot of training courses in the field of management.


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