Pan Gulf Environmental Solutions

Pan Gulf Environmental Solutions was established in 2011 to provide Halon recovery, and reclaim throughout Saudi Arabia, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

 PGES also went on to expand and started to trade in refrigerant gases as well. The Halon and refrigerant markets go hand in hand as both can be classed as refrigerants and/or firefighting agents. PGES supplies a full range of refringent products, including HCFCs and HFCs.

The refringent reclaim center, this is where old used refrigerants can be reclaimed to AHRI-700 specifications. Therefore, making them safe to use in equipment. PGES is the first in the region and the only company in Saudi Arabia that offers this service.

Fire Fighting:

PGES currently offers refilling of Halon 1301/1211/2402 as well as FM-200, Novec 1230, Fe-25 and other clean agents, at the most competitive rates. All products are tested on site in the PGES laboratory to meet specific criteria.

Currently PGES supplies the following products:

·         Halons 1211, 1301 and, 2402

·         Novec 1230

·         FM-200/HFC-227ea

·         Fe-25

·         C6F12O

·         Dry powder

Refrigerant trade:

PGES currently sells refrigerant products under the brand name ‘PanCool’. The brand was designed to ensure that the market place could offer high quality refrigerants which meet AHRI-700 at a competitive rate, also PGES has full range of standard refrigerants and specialty refrigerants for the refrigeration and foam blowing sectors.

Currently PGES supplies the following products:

o   R-22

o   R-134A

o   R-410A

o   R-404A

o   R-407C

o   R-152+DME

o   R-152+DME+R-134A


All products meet or exceed AHRI-700.

Reclaim / Recycling

PGES is currently the only firefighting and refrigerant reclaim center in Saudi Arabia, it offers reclaim of firefighting products such as Halons 1211/1301 and other firefighting products such as Fm-200. These products can be reclaimed back to the highest specification, such as ASTM type 2 for Halon 1301.

Besides Halon, PGES also reclaims refrigerant gases, this is done to reduce the cost as it is far more cost effective in reclaiming old refrigerant gases than to purchase a new product. When any refrigerant is reclaimed, it is tested in the onsite laboratory to ensure that it meets AHRI-700 before it shows for a resale.


PGES currently has the only laboratory in Saudi Arabia which can test both refrigerants to AHRI-700 and Halons to ASTM standards. The laboratory can test all halogenated carbons either by specific related standard of the product specifications, or for commercial refrigeration use of military firefighting applications. PGES is the only company in Saudi Arabia that has GCMS which is calibrated to run both refrigerants and firefighting gases. Furthermore, PGES offers oil analysis for compressors and various other equipment.

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