Saudi Pan Gulf Foods

Saudi Pan Gulf leads the region in areas of supply and processing of Food and Nutritional products. Pan Gulf Foods Ltd. has built up their reputation on unequalled regional distribution networks that are optimized for fast deliveries, reliability and dedicated customer service. The cross section of the market requirements is targeted through specialized individual units.

Pan Gulf Fish and Meat Division 

cater to Frozen Food Products requirements encompassing Sea Food, Beef, Chicken, Mutton and Vegetables handling the sourcing of the product right up to its final distribution to the customer’s kitchen.
  •  Hammour Fillets  
  •  Croakers
  •  King Fish Steaks
  •  Indian Mackarel
  •  Salmon - Smoked Fillets
  •  White Pomfrets 100/200, 200/300, 300up
  •  Shrimps
  •  King Fish 
  •  Shrimps Scampi 
  •  Salmon Fillet 
  •  Squid Tubes 
  •  Emperor 
  •  Black Branded Bream 
  •  Travelly 
  •  Red Snapper 


Pan Gulf Bakery Ingredients Division 

From being the largest importer of white cheese in the Kingdom to supplying Tutti Fruity, the division has it all. Clean hygienic warehouses, a large fleet of delivery trucks and a committed work force ensure that only the best products reach the most discerning customer. 
  •   Akawi Cheese
  •   Cashews/Almonds
  •   Choco Chips/Sticks
  •   Chocolate Blocks / Couvertures & Compounds  
  •   Feta Cheese 16 Kg  
  •   RE.BA.CA Butter Blend 25 Kg  
  •   RE.BA.CA Vegetable Shortening 15Kg
  •   RE.BA.CA Sponge Cake Mixes USA 25 Kg 
  •   Unsalted Sweet Cream/Lactic Butter 25Kg  
  •   Mozarella Cheese  
  •   Cocoa Butter/Cocoa Mass/Cocoa Powder
  •   Tutti Frutti
  •   RE.BA.CA Yeast
  •   Milk Powders ( Full Cream/Skimmed/Sweet Whey25Kg )   
  •   RE.BA.CA Cake/Pastry/Crossiant Margarine  
  •   Labne


Pan Gulf Consumer Products Division 

represents a comprehensive food products portfolio representing FMCG products under established brands which have found shelf space in from hyper markets and class A supermarkets to corner convenience stores.
  •   Kohinoor 
  •   Tuhfah Group 
  •   Emami 
  •   Virginias 
  •   Melam 
  •   Chotura 
  •   Classic 
  •   Al Toro


Pan Gulf Food Processing Division

operates their seafood and meat processing facility on the Eastern province utilizing the natural marine wealth and the local slaughtered meat to serve the local market with the freshest fish and meat products brought in from local landing centers.

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